Perinatal / Neonatal Plan

Printable Copy of our pProm Perinatal / Neonatal Plan. All Rights Reserved.
  • Make sure you have consulted with a perinatologist/MFM and a neonatologist.
  • Be sure that your delivery hospital has a level IIIC or IV NICU, along with High Frequency Ventilation and Nitric Oxide treatment up to 40% available. Note: NICU Levels/Designations vary by state. Make sure to research and find the best hospital for your delivery. A Regional or level IIIC or IV NICU is recommended as they will have the right equipment, neonatologist on staff 24 hours, etc.
  • Tour the NICU and become familiar with the surroundings. A 24 week micro-preemie is very different than a 34 weeker, so it is important to prepare yourself for the possibilities. Remember: where there is life, there is hope.
  • In pProm, the plans we hope to make in pregnancy are often pushed aside. Be prepared to move on a dime. Do not be surprised if things change quickly. Be flexible with your birth plan and willing to do whatever is needed to ensure the safety of yourself and your baby/babies.
  • Have an Advanced Directive. This is a plan for that your medical providers use to guide your care if you are unable to do so. Talk to your immediate family about plans for yourself and your child/children. Have these in writing and easily accessible. Here are a few good resources to start:
Erin Thatcher,
Mar 31, 2014, 1:26 PM