Be An Advocate

Have you Experienced pProm? Do you want to help others and share your story?

The PPROM Foundation is seeking regional and local Advocates to help women and their families through the pProm journey. The ideal Advocate would be someone who has been through the pProm experience at least one time, and has the empathy and determination to help others through their journey. Experience and knowledge of neonatal intensive care, of working through grief and loss, and a compassionate and professional demeanor are all skill sets of potential Advocates. 


One of the most important parts of increasing awareness about pProm and the resources that are available to patients is the Outreach program. Many times, nurses and doctors have no option but to send home a new pProm patient with a grim diagnosis, who will search the Internet and Facebook for the answers and solutions to her situation. 

Furthermore, the patients who have ruptured need to have found a perinatologist and have been aligned with the highest level NICU in their region. Oftentimes a pProm Mom will not be told the options available for continuing the pregnancy, and the provider states minimal chance of success. We believe in educating providers and patients about pProm, including the risks and benefits associated with Expectant Management.

One to One Support

Sometimes, all you need is a friend. Someone who has been there, who understands what you are going through, and who can help you navigate the dark waters of pProm and hopefully the NICU. It is even better if that person if available locally so that you can establish a long term connection during the pProm journey and beyond. Confidential, at your convenience; One to One Support is perfect for those who need privacy and prefer to develop relationships. We check in, boost morale, and and help guide during the most uneasy times. 


One of our goals is to help spread the word about our organization and awareness about pProm. We would like all pProm Moms to volunteer for The Registry so that we can collect date and establish demographics about our population and the outcomes we experience - not just during pProm, but years down the line with their surviving children as well.  With more awareness comes more funding for research projects and assistance that will benefit the market of pProm patients and their families. 

Become an Advocate